Healing the Astrologer´s World : Astrology in a Global perspective

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Jacob Davidsson
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For those who dare, this is a very different and challenging book on the subject of astrology that is not limited to merely your sun signs and all other astrological phenomena. Here you will also find interpretations of the future and of the human civilisations past as well as serious Child Horoscopes, Relationship Interpretations and a global view of the state of the world today. Many stories are in autobiographical form from the astrologer's own life and meetings with mediums and colleagues, as well as a deeper analysis of several taboo-affected areas, such as anxiety and life-crises, the influence of drugs, the significance of death, and our perception of God and Hell. In short, it is an extensive astrological analysis of life's many facets.

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The following demonstrates the basic principle of looking at transits from a 'transformational', healing or growth perspective. My astrologer's antennae were activated because I knew that the prince's healing journey and new perspective were keyed to the Saturn return. I anticipated that there would be much more cyclic activity in his chart accompanying the Saturn transit, simply because I have learned to assume that there will be overlapping planetary cycles that are present during an individual's biggest life ... These natural disasters have always been taking place, but at this time in history, we are much more sensitive to them.