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Claes Britton
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Fur is the first contemporary fashion book published on the most ancient, prescious, extravagant, controversial and symbolic of all human attires. The book reveals the fascinating history of this original fabric and also dwells on the complex moral issues connected with fur over the past decades.First and foremost, however, Fur deals with the fashion aspects of this material: the sensational comeback for fur on the catwalks and other scenes, and the creative and technical revolution conducted in this material over the past ten, and particularly the past five years.Fur is a visually and emotionally powerful book that features new photography as well as archive images of stars and celebreties, both historic and contemporary, and historic art featuring fur. Over 50 prominent figures in the fur and fashion businesses worldwide have been interviewed for the book. Fur is published by Stockholm New Publishing, the publishers behind Stockholm New magazine.

The use of fur in clothing has become controversial, but fur clothing is still a large market. See also Not: Ordklasser och siffror hänvisar till synonymordboken överst.

Her på FUR Camping holder vi os løbende orienteret om situationen i forhold til coronavirus, og vi følger alle de statsligt udmeldte anvisninger og retningslinjer, men under ændrede omstændigheder, der er pt. Saga Furs is the full service auction house with the broadest selection of superior furs from strictly regulated European sources. Fur, fine, soft, hairy covering or coat of mammals that has been important to humankind throughout history, chiefly for warmth but also for decorative and other purposes. The pelts of fur-bearing animals are called true furs when they consist of two elements: a dense undercoat, called ground hair, FurMark is a lightweight but very intensive graphics card / GPU stress test on Windows platform.